Tapered Shade Metal Floor Lamp (Includes LED Light Bulb) Black - Threshold designed with Studio McGee


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The Tapered Shade Metal Floor Lamp from Threshold? designed with Studio McGee will make a great lighting solution anywhere in your home with its simply chic look. This standing floor lamp has a simple design, with a drum lampshade set atop a thin, metal rod-like base. The neutral and white color scheme lets it easily fit in with an array of color palettes, while the sleek line of the base and the curve of the shade are perfect for incorporating into a modern-styled decor scheme. When the light’s turned on, the fabric construction of the lampshade helps to diffuse the light to give it a softer glow and create a charming aesthetic in your space. Meet Shea McGee, the designer and stylist behind the brand Studio McGee. Founded alongside her husband, Syd, the studio is known for Shea?s design of beautifully elevated spaces that encourage clients to surround themselves with the things and people they love. Now she?s partnering with Threshold to offer Studio McGee?s classic design in a new collection for inspired homes, everywhere. Color: Black.