Full Circle Clean Team Dust Pan & Brush


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Meet your new favorite power couple. The Full Circle Clean Team Dustpan & Brush set works like magic to eliminate those annoying dirt lines. You know the drill – you’re going about your business, just trying to sweep up the debris on your floor. You keep inching the dustpan back little by little, only to discover a line of dirt that still stubbornly remains. Well, fear the floor no more – this dynamic duo, Fill Circle dustpan and brush, puts dirt in its place for a clean sweep on the first try. Say bye bye to dustpan dirt lines going forward. Find more cleaning tools from Full Circle that are made from sustainable materials, or shop our entire collection of cleaning accessories that make tidying up easy. How does this Full Circle Clean Team Dustpan & Brush work? This Full Circle dustpan has a soft edge that helps capture more dust and dirt. The dustpan also features a built-in scraper and comb for easy cleaning. When your work is done, simply lock the brush into the pan. Plus, this set hangs or stands on edge for convenient storage. How do you care for this Full Circle Clean Team Dustpan & Brush? You can put this dustpan in the dishwasher. Just place it in the top rack for a solid cleaning. To help keep your bamboo brush looking its best, avoid prolonged soaks in the water. You can use a natural cream or oil to restore the handle’s natural glow. For more innovative ideas to tackle life’s little messes, browse Grove’s collection of cleaning supplies now. Full Circle Clean Team Dust Pan & Brush