Buffet Stick Metal Table Lamp Black - Threshold designed with Studio McGee


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You’ll love making the Buffet Stick Metal Table Lamp from Threshold? designed with Studio McGee part of your decor, whether your space has an industrial-chic aesthetic throughout or you’re just looking for an edgy accent piece. This table lamp has a simple, sleek silhouette, with a thin pipe-like base supporting a metal lampshade and set upon a circular stand. A coil accent wrapped around the center of the base adds just the right touch of dimension to the otherwise streamlined design. A simple black finish adds to the aesthetic of this industrial table lamp and makes it easy to incorporate with any decor color scheme. Meet Shea McGee, the designer and stylist behind the brand Studio McGee. Founded alongside her husband, Syd, the studio is known for Shea?s design of beautifully elevated spaces that encourage clients to surround themselves with the things and people they love. Now she?s partnering with Threshold to offer Studio McGee?s classic design in a new collection for inspired homes, everywhere.